I saw a ship a-sailing

從Wikipedia隨便印出愛麗詩夢遊仙境……的大綱,沒有圖畫我念着page 1,妳的眼睜得好大好大連細佬在吃page 2都差點可以饒他一命。


I saw a ship a-sailing
A-sailing on the sea
And oh it was all laden
With pretty things for thee

There were comfits in the cabin
And apples in the hold
The sails were made of silk
And the masts were made of gold




IMG_3487 IMG_5600 crop

2 則迴響

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2 responses to “I saw a ship a-sailing

  1. 珍惜回憶, 可堪一輩子回味…

  2. pd

    I did actually saw a ship sailing today too! One of its sails was yellow and with a bear print on it!



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