奇就奇在,小朋友C為人向來埋堆心切,居然沒有要求Ariel Kitty公主Thomas Ben10食物盒,是從來沒有。

不要問我教子竅妙,因為除了對Ariel Kitty公主Thomas Ben10一直不置可否,我想不出我做了甚麼。我倒肯定,若果我自動買齊一套迪士尼Ariel食物盒紙巾搖鼓睡衣餐檯顏色筆,只會有人要求我也買迪士尼Ariel刀叉垃圾桶唇膏花盆細佬地拖芥蘭香水黑莓遊艇。


(OKOK我認了,直至一個月前,我甚至不知甚麼是Ben 10,連爹爹都不知。)





IMG_0491 IMG_0492

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11 responses to “Ariel刀叉垃圾桶唇膏花盆細佬地拖芥蘭香水黑莓遊艇

  1. 透明膠紙is also a must have in my kid-make-own-toy craft time.He used it to make binoculars,air plane,watch(even tho he can’t tell time),um and a bunch of other things when I told him I was busy~

  2. amy

    that’s a good idea! btw, i don’t know ben 10 either until i googled it just now! don’t think i’ve seen that character before!😛

  3. siugub

    不置可否 — 就是最好方法

    記得一則笑話: 小女有個朋友仔, hello kitty超級fans, 常常話自己是hello kitty, 大鄉里小女, 卻一直只知hello kitty是隻貓, 不知名不知有幾威. 有天和這個hello kitty小朋友短聚後, 回來問我, 什麼是hello kitty, 為什麼姐姐會叫自己做 hello kitty, 我只有說, 因姐姐好喜歡kitty啦. 小女愛貓, 就開始話她也是hello kitty @@ 我只有不置可否, 兩日後, 小女已忘記了什麼是hello kitty ^^

  4. jenni : 佢真勁!透明膠紙的偉大,真係與duct tape不相伯仲呀

    amy: we’re too old la LOL. i only know pokemon

    siugub: 小C都係好遲先至知。一番學,就知囉。

  5. isuser

    Hi 阿四!

    I will be in HK for vacation with my toddler and am wondering if you can please let me know where I would be able to get organic groceries in HK.

    Thanks so much for your help!


    • Hi Isuser!

      Some big Wellcome and Park’n’shop nowadays carry organic food. Market Place, the sorta “high-end" version of Wellcome, is my favorite, with reliable supply of organic vegetables from US, Australia AND also Southeast Asia, which means a much more reasonable price tag.

      City Super is good for organic meats and organic veggies from the Mainland which are yummy. Threesixty carries local organic veggies, but I always find them very 老. Try to avoid Great (at basement of Pacific Place) and their overpriced stuff.

      If you need addresses, let me know again.

      • isuser


        Thanks so much for the info. I should be able to find a City Super. Will let you know if I need addresses!

        Thanks again!


  6. cc

    what is “Ben 10″ ar????

  7. cc

    wa …. 真係唔識啊… Thomas & Friends 我就識…

  8. 通告: 本季熱賣粉紅午餐盒 | 媽媽阿四


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