Good job chart



搬出 good job chart,每貼滿十個貼紙,便得無蔗糖曲奇乙塊。




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4 responses to “Good job chart

  1. pd

    哈哈!Good Job Mama!

    吓?!乜唔喺自家製的 organic cookies 呀?真的好好味嗎?

  2. SW

    You have to read this regarding bribes…

    Be careful, it’s already happening in my family.

  3. I’m also running a similar system at home. Each day if 11’s a good boy he will get 2 stickers but if he gets a warning for bad behaviour he’ll have 1 deducted. Or, if he’s exceptionally good that day, and say he ate his vegetables, he will be rewarded an extra one. For the 1st time, he needed to get 30 stickers to ride the cable car at OP (something that he really liked). Next time he needs to get 50 stickers before we can visit OP again, and then increasing the number after each visit. So far it’s working well at home, just at the mentioning of stickers!!


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