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小C:(搶說明書,見提子乾照片,發噏風講故事)Blah blah blah …… raisins and bread…… to market to market to market…… and they made bread…… blah blah blah……

DSC01032 singing 'raisins... bread...'





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22 responses to “象印牌BB-HAQ10麵包機

  1. amy


  2. How did you train little C to bake at such young age?? she works like a pro!!

  3. Looks like lots of fun 🙂

  4. 你係先發yeast抑或最後放yeast?如你set時間制,即是後放了,包包質素好嗎?

    我非常粗略咁計過,麵包機做的包係貴過出面的,因為出面mass production之餘,d麵粉又未必係我地d咁靚。

    anyway, Happy Baking﹗﹗

  5. Medela!

    Wow… congrats.

    Remember the problems I mentioned about the breads not being soft enough ? Here are two recipes that work beautifully — I am 100% happy with the machine now :

    1. Wholemeal bread
    3/4 cup and 2 teaspoons warm water (ie 110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
    2 tablespoons honey
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1 cup and 1 tablespoon whole wheat flour (I use Waitrose wholemeal bread flour)
    1 cup and 1 tablespoon bread flour (also Waitrose)
    1/4 teaspoon soy lecithin (from dot dot green, City Super)
    1 tablespoon and 1-1/4 teaspoons vegetable oil
    1 teaspoon active dry yeast (not instant bread machine yeast)
    Put everything in the order suggested by the Zo recipes, and choose regular bread, regular crust.

    2. White bread
    ¾ cups hot water (120 F)
    ¼ cup oil
    1/ 8 cup honey
    2 ¼ cups bread flour
    1 tsp. salt
    1/4 tsp soy lecithin
    1 tsp active dry yeast
    NB: I find it a little heavy on oil, and plan to cut it down to 1.5 Tbsp, but haven’t tried.

    The magic touches are the temperature of the water and soy lecithin, which help the bread rise much better. You’ll find the bread rise well above the rim of the pan.

    Let me know if you want to see photos.

  6. 嘉: 我試左你個link的best bread machine bread呀!果次可能水溫唔夠,又可能隻yeast唔好,發得麻麻。之後我懶,又而且多數用時間制,不過你介紹的site好正,真係有排玩!
    同埋,多得你問,我先的起心肝寫左呢篇 :)  謝。
    講起價錢,如果apples to apples的比,而又不計部機的價錢,我估自己做organic bread會比出面平D?同埋,出面好少有又wholewheat又organic的包。

    Medela: 哈哈哈又引到你百忙中出山,真係開心 :)
    你講到我好想即刻去買soy lecithin – although i have no idea what it is!!
    So which brand of yeast are you using? Have you tried using the “soft" setting? Does it also help with the texture?

  7. Sarah

    I’ve the same bread machine at home and based on the photo you posted, the bread in the photo didn’t rise “high" enough. Higher dough means softer bread. The height of the bread should easily higher than the pan. If you can read Japanese, I strongly recommend you to buy the recipe book from Japan that just for small bread machine. The recipes listed in user manuel are quite boring …
    1) Make sure the water tempature is warm (around body tempature)
    2) Put enough sugar to make the yeast rise better
    3) Measure the flour by weight, not by cup (that user manuel teach you to measure by cup and its not the good measurement, as different kinds of flour has different density, you can visit the following website: http://allrecipes.com/HowTo/All-About-Flour/Detail.aspx)
    4) Use High-gluten flour (Bread flour), not the all purpose flour
    5) Divide the butter into small pieces, it will mix better in the dough
    6) It doesn’t really matter of which milk powder to use, the cheapest one would be fine
    Have fun in making bread! I make it every week!

  8. Sarah: a warm welcome.
    thanks for all your tips! unfortunately i can’t read japanese.
    yes yes our first loaf looked really pathetic didn’t it? it does get better (occasionally) whenever i get myself to NOT use the timer though.

    i’ve been substituting 2.5tbsp of honey for the typical 1.5tbsp of sugar that’s called for. wonder if that’s enough? and i’ve been using oil instead of butter more and more often. wonder if that would affect the rising too?

  9. 嘩,好厲害,果然坐言起行﹗小C爸原來很有楝篤笑天份。

  10. siugub

    做麵包糕點, 我現在多用椰子油代替牛油, 感覺上無咁罪惡, 健康D. 當然要你不介意成品有淡淡的椰子味. (不過其實都好淡下)

    奶粉, 我家用開holle organic goat milk, 我試過飲, 無甜味. 又係感覺上健康D無咁內疚.

    如果唔用timer, 先用溫水加糖加yeast發十分鐘, 再加其他材料開機, 麵包又真係會軟熟好多.

  11. siugub

    唔記得講, 仲可以用 少少Vital Wheat Gluten代替同量的麵粉, 包都會軟熟D.

    又或者先用"dough"做好中種, 再加其他材料, 又係會軟熟D, 不過就多一種功夫.

  12. 令怡媽咪

    我係用淡忌廉、鮮奶、雞蛋 (同高筋麵粉、乾酵母、糖、鹽)
    剛剛出爐, 好味!
    不過材料易壞, 所以唔可以用時間掣


  13. eeb



  14. Medela!

    I use Fleischmann’s “Active Dry Yeast", available from 360.


    NB I’ve tried practically all the brands from City Super, but Fleischmann is the most consistent so far.

    • Tong

      I have also tried yeast of different brands and strongly agree that Fleischmann’s one is the best. However, when I went to 360 (Olympian City) today, this brand is gone. How come? I am forced to turn to Hovis (which is not natural) but at least it guarantees performance.

  15. Medela!

    Whoops… Sorry I forgot. I have only tried the ‘soft’ setting on the Zo recipes, and the bread turned out soggy rather than soft. Haven’t tried the ‘soft’ setting on these recipes, though. Will do that next time !

  16. 如siugub所言,用溫水加糖加yeast先發一陣,才落其他材料,係萬試萬靈的。


    我做包包一向無落牛油,我用olive oil的(但都自行減了少許),但煮餸用的食油也可以,糖則用raw sugar,奶粉其實可以唔落,但我就有落囉。

    我上次給你的「best bread」食譜,我自己做了幾個modify version出來,可以將麵粉份量一半改落全麥粉做麥包,又可以加herbs做香草包,更加以加chese做芝士包(臨焗起前在包面再加上少少chese,超好味),更可以加芝麻,總之base on那個做法,都可以有無窮變化。

  17. 謝謝大家的羊奶、Vital Wheat Gluten,淡忌廉、粟粉、溫水、yeast貼士!

    siugub: holle organic goat milk有冇臊味?

    令: 歡迎你!淡忌廉同牛油比。。。我唔知呀!不過牛油"傑"咁多,我估忌廉會比佢好少少,掛?

  18. amy

    嘩, 呢度個麵包forum好正!

    btw, 阿四, soy lecithin是大豆磷脂/大豆卵磷脂。聽le leche league的leader說, 如果有乳塞, 食lecithin可有助防治。參考: http://www.breastfeedingonline.com/24pdf.pdf (末段)

  19. siugub

    holle organic goat milk – 初初飲覺好香唔覺臊, 飲到尾我自己覺得有少少臊, 不過我同囡囡淨飲都可接受, 如放入麵包, 我估唔會食得出.

  20. 引用通告: 大豆卵磷脂 « 媽媽阿四



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