C for caterpillar



“Caterpillar, eat it!"

“Is this raw leaf?"  (媽媽證實是) “Is her mouth gonna… gonna hurt?"  (媽媽:"what do you think?")

“Caterpillar wants the juice."


第一回外傳:C for caterpillar


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6 responses to “C for caterpillar

  1. 思思阿媽

    阿四媽真係好鬼佩服你 ..
    一條肥虫虫都可以同小c一齊玩 ..
    比虫虫撞到我佢已經上左天堂好耐喇 ..

  2. 引用通告: 雪櫃裡的後花園 « 媽媽阿四

  3. Siu C is so cute! I can feel the love between the 2 of you. Also admire your creativity! Who would have thought that 1 tiny little caterpillar can be an education “tool" for so many days?! 🙂 You 2 are simply awesome!!

  4. btw Mama 4, a somewhat more private question (but by all means ignore it if you don’t feel like answering), was it a difficult choice for you to decide to be a full-time mum?

    I always struggle with this but still can’t quite make up my mind…

  5. CAMMY

    呀四! 隻嘢變成點呀?

  6. vivian: now that nathaniel is older and soon going to school, maybe you can just consider taking up a part-time job? just a thought.

    yes, my first few months with siu c at home was rather depressing, especially with not many like-minded full-time moms around for support.

    but to be fair, i think ever since siu c turned 2 (or even earlier), i’ve been getting much happier with my mama-maid job, especially with my part-time blogging job to keep me busy.

    Cammy: 今日特別醒你呀! :)



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